Steel locker cabinets

Steel locker cabinets

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  • Steel locker cabinets,steel cabinets locker

    Description steel locker cabinets-Steel cabinets locker-mô tả các đặc tính tủ thép cá nhân


    Steel locker cabinets-Steel cabinets locker

    Frame -It”s made of special designed steel material, the surface of it is coated by electrostatic epoxy powder powder
    base of cabinet
    -Heavy gauge formed 1.2mm cold-rolled and welded steel cabinet body construction provides strength and durability. Electrostatic epoxy applied powder coat paint system for superior corrosion resistance. For aluminium wooden storage cabinet, using the high quality of  MDF or Particle board with the special fire resistance veneering
    in the surface, sealed with imported PVC.
    Layer -4-6 or customized
    Flume -A flume at the bottom
    Size -900/1200*460*1900
    -advoiding the effect from surface deformed. Moisture and shock compacity
    Door -two layer structure, the iner and outer are antirust and shock proof.   
    Door panel -Telescoping panels, 1.2mm cold-rolled steel, epoxy powder painted inside and out. Sound deadening materials are between panels. For aluminium wood storage, using 18mm high quality MDF, the double face were decorated with melamine panel
    Laminate -1.2mm cold-rolled steel, epoxy powder painted , For aluminium wood storage,  18mm high quality melamine panel
    Handle  -Brush finished stainless steel handle
    Hinge -175 degree wide-opened hinge,rustproof,noiseproof,best strength 
    Pad -High-quality nylon pad,skidproof and shock absorption adjustable 0-30mm
    Sealed -For aluminium wood storage, all edges are sealed with 2mm PVC, waterproof
    Server type -OEM & ODM

    Image steel locker cabinets-Steel cabinets locker

    steel locker cabinets steel locker cabinets



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